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“If there were a wish to throw something on Taron Margaryan’s face, I would personally go and do”: Zaruhi Postanjyan

It is known that the Yerkir Tsirani party has presented a “crime report” to the Police on the occasion of the Yerevan City Council sitting. In addition, the law enforcement body received one more application from the municipality employee, but who has filed an application and against whom the Police did not specify. Addressing the topic, Azatutyun tries to find out from Zaruhi Postanjyan, head of the Yerkir Tsirani faction, what may have been allegedly dissatisfied with the Yerevan City Hall.


The first question refers to Marina Khachatryan’s slap to the republican member of the Yerevan Council of Elders, about which Marina has stated that it was in response to Edmon Kirakosyan’s sexual harassment … Zaruhi Postanjyan claims that Marine Khachatryan’s slap was for self-defense purposes …”We have seen the shoots, just as Marina Khachatryan slaps, that is, they were pushing her to the benches from the very beginning, pulling on the tables, gathering, surrounding, and, of course, naturally you should also slap”.


What about the liquid, she stated “First, if it were a corrosive material, something would have to be destroyed, nothing went wrong there. We understand that fraud has always been coupled with the Republican Party, and they can make such comments, but the comments should have grounds at least, in this case they have just lack of grounds. I had a visit to Nubarashen, it was their wish that this issue be raised in the City Hall and “donated” a part of the stench to Mr. Taron Margaryan.


In response to the hypotheses that women may have wanted to throw it in the direction of the mayor, Zaruhi Postanjyan said that if there were a desire to throw something on Taron Margaryan’s face, she personally go and do. They are not constrained by it, but her upbringing will not let her. The picture, shot and broadcast live, showed the essence of this tyranny system when a dictatorial system of several men was ready to attack even one lady, humiliating, beating, harassing, while there was absolutely no need for it.


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