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Epraqsya Mekhakyan: “Gyumri prople know me as a person fighting for justice and truth”


Armenian National Congress party is the only in local elections of Gyumri the electoral list  of which is   headed by a woman. The first line of the party is provided for the “People” magazine founder, nonpartisan Yepraksia Mekhakyan and if  on October 2 they vote for the ANC, she will be the first female mayor in the history of independent Gyumri.


In her conversation with WomenNet Mekhakyan noted that the very fact that in Gyumri and Vanadzor  female candidates are occupying the first numbers of the list in the local elections are already talking  about the progress.


As a non-party and ANC supporter, Yepraksya notes that all her activities passed along the road of combating oppositional.


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