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I am not a refugee in my homeland

Although a civil war in Syria lasted for a year, the population was convinced it would not last long. And a year later, in September 2012, Lusik Parsymyan visited Armenia to get a passport with her spouse, Arman Chirishyan and  3-year-old daughter and to get acquainted with the homeland, apparently did not think that the way to return to Aleppo would be closed for them and thousands of Syrian Armenians for an indefinite time. The news from the birthplace was disturbing, and the relatives in Aleppo learned that the breath of war was slowly approaching the Armenian district near the station where their house and that the jewelry store of her husband was also endangered. It was necessary to adapt to the new environment. Although making a decision for younger couples was difficult, but their innate quality and optimism did not let them lose hope for the future, they helped them to quickly navigate, stay and live in Armenia, especially as their son, Joseph was born in his homeland. Today, the family lives in a spacious and bright apartment on Mashtots 10, Yerevan.


Her husband, Arman, sells her silver jewelry in Vernissage. Communicable, friendly, and smiling Arman has great reputation and respect among his new friends and visitors. When he was convinced that the return journey was not visible yet, he quickly went into action. Arman needed to earn for his family, so with compassion and sympathy, he works until late at night and doing business on Vernissage without a rest day.


Lusik is also working. After staying in Armenia and making a decision, she had already been an accountant in one of the organizations. The inspirational and troubling idea was found and noticed by a number of organizations concerned with Syrian-Armenians’ issues (UNHCR, CASA, Round Table Foundation, etc.) and she also attended culinary courses organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Lusik always dreamed of cooking and now is the best moment to use the occasion. Today, those who are familiar with the beautifully-shaped cakes and sweets made by her do not let her “rest”. She is currently working at home trying to have her own shop because she finds that if you are lucky, then you just have to believe it and move on.


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