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Collision of European and Eurasian Regulations: What is in store for food producers?


From January 2d of 2016, new certification standards, based on technical regulations of Eurasian Economic Union, enter into the force for local producers and importers. Head of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Department Lili Makhsudyan says that beginning from that day for food and other industries national legislation will not be applied. The production must meet the requirements and needs as defined in those regulations.


Makhsudyan says that unlike other countries, Armenia was given a privilege in terms of applying regulations not from January 2d of 2015 but from that day of 2016 «So that our producers, importers will be able to get acquainted with technical regulations of Eurasian Economic Union and in case of being ready to produce and export under these regulations».


The Committee has adopted 35 technical regulations, 34 of which function in Armenia, along with national legislation.  From January 2d only regulations of Eurasian Economic Union will function.


This caused discontent among local producers.


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