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When it is not up to a woman to decide…


He told that he has two daughters and do not need the third.


35-year-old Susanna is married and has two daughters. Third pregnancy was promising a girl too. But her husband a 37-year-old Gagik forced her to do an abortion. Gagik had a desire to have a boy. “ I have two daughters and do not need the third, I need a boy”. Susanna applied to a local hospital for abortions, but the doctor reused to do that and tried to persuade her to change her mind and prevent her from fulfilling her husband’s unreasonable decision. However, Susanna applied to another clinic, and although doctors were trying to change their mind too, but her husband’s decision was irrevocable.


“I want a boy who will continue our gene”


28-year-old Sona Mkhitaryan from Gegharquniq region tells that her husband prefers only a male child. Sona has already done sex-selective abortions for several times. “My husband was older than me for 13 years. He wanted a boy in order to continue genes. He used to tell that he is already quite old; he needs to have one or two boys. Now I have three boys, who are schoolchildren, I am not thinking about having another child, because we can hardly up bring these children”, she says adding that the social conditions of a family are not so favorable. And although they work but they hardly manage to earn living.


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