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New mothers are BETTER workers and ‘more able to deal with stress’

Having a baby can actually improve a woman’s performance, study claims

– Post-natal brains are re-wired to think strategically and deal with stress

– There is also a reduction in the mother’s capacity for the ‘flight or fight’ response, making her stressed


It has long been hailed as curse of pregnant women and new mothers.

But so-called ‘baby brain’ is a nothing but a myth, researchers have claimed.

In fact, having a baby can actually improve a woman’s employability and performance – and new mothers are more productive than before they gave birth.

This is because post-natal brains are re-wired to think more strategically and deal with stress,New Scientist reports.

Specifically, it appears that having a child can improve brain function, resulting in increased emotional resilience – turning timid women into dominant forces within the workplace.

Over the course of pregnancy a mother’s brain goes through incredible changes, the magazine reports.

While this includes shrinking during the later months, scientists have now established that that the brain is actually bigger and more productive after a woman becomes a mother.

In the first four months after childbirth, the areas in the brain that play a role in reasoning, judgement and empathy actually expand – meaning the mother becomes more emotionally resilient.

On top of this, there is a reduction in the mother’s capacity for the ‘flight or fight’ response, making her stressed.

This means that not only can she cope with the demands of the new baby – it is also a crucial trait in dealing with workplace stress.

Research scientist Kelly Lambert told the magazine: ‘Being able to be more efficient in your decision-making, being emotionally resilient, maybe being able to engage in different strategies to solve a problem…that sounds like a wonderful executive or manager to me.’

Source: MailOnline  

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