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  Yerevan Council of Elders Elections: How many women are represented in the top five lists?


On August 29th, at 18:00, the term expired when the political forces wishing to participate in the Yerevan City Council extraordinary elections could apply to the Central Electoral Commission. The commission announced that 13 political forces – 9 parties and 4 bloc parties – submitted documents for registration within the deadline. According to the schedule prescribed by the RA Electoral Code and the Central Electoral Commission, registration of electoral lists of parties and alliances of political parties participating in snap elections of Yerevan Council of Aldermen will be carried out by September 3.


The following political forces have applied for participation in the Yerevan City Council extraordinary elections:


Reformist Party:

Heritage Party:

Luys Party Alliance:

“Yerevan Public” party alliance

Prosperous Armenia Party:

“Hayk” (Haykazunner) party

“Democratic Liberal Union of Armenia” party

“Yerkir Tsirani” party

The People’s Way Party

“My Step” Party Alliance:

Orinats Yerkir party:

“Armenian Revolutionary Federation” party

“Yerevanians” party alliance.


Only three of the 13 political forces are women. Naira Zohrabyan, MP from the Prosperous Armenia party, Zaruhi Postanjyan, Yerkir Tsirani’s list, and Anahit Tarkhanyan, leader of the Gala party, are on the list.


WomenNet.am has studied the first five numbers of the list of nominated political forces to find out how far the women are in transitory places.


Let us remind you that the Yerevan mayor’s special elections will be held on September 23. The pre-election campaign will begin on September 10 and will continue until September 21.


According to the RA law “On Local Self-Government in the City of Yerevan”, the Council of Aldermen is elected according to the RA Electoral Code and consists of 65 members. The Council is elected for four years. The term of powers of the newly elected Council of Elders begins at the time of the first sitting. From that moment the term of powers of the previous Council of Elders shall expire.


The Council of Elders of Yerevan operates in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Local Self-Government in the City of Yerevan” and is empowered to solve vital issues for the Yerevan community.

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