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Two of the four standing committees of the Yerevan Council of Elders will be headed by women


The first session of the newly elected Council of Elders took place today in the City Hall of Yerevan.


Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marut from “My Step” bloc thanked Yerevan residents for trusting his team and promised: “We will do our best to make Yerevan residents smile every day, every hour and every second. I am addressing our councils, always be attentive to all the issues facing the residents of Yerevan, to respond immediately to all the alerts and to bring all the questions, to deliver them here, to our council meeting, to take up the discussion and to give them immediate solutions.”


During the session, the newly elected council elected the chairmen of four committees, three of which were non-party. It should be noted that the right to nominate candidates for all the committees’ chairpersons belongs to “My step” alliance. As a result, Ashot Mnatsakanyan, Chairman of the Committee on Financial-Credit and Economic Affairs, Satenik Mkrtchyan, Chair of the Committee on Culture, Education and Social Affairs, Arsen Karapetyan, Chairman of the Committee on Urban Development and Land Use Issues, were elected. Arusyak Julhakyan was elected the chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee. Everyone is a member of the “My Step” faction.


Levon Hovhannisyan, Hakob Melikyan, Marcos Harutyunyan and Gayane Melkumyan respectively were elected as Deputy Chairman. One of the deputies is the PAP representative, and the Luys alliance declined the offer.


It is not yet clear who will be the deputy mayors. The next meeting of the Yerevan City Hall will take place on November 13th. That day the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected mayor will take place.


Let us remind you that 57 members of the “My Step” bloc, 3  – of Luys bloc and 5 members of “Prosperous Armenia” are included in the council. Today, the first sitting of Yerevan’s newly elected Council of Elders took place with the participation of women. Of the 65 members of Yerevan’s newly elected council, 18 are women, which is 27.6%.



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