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Yerevan is not safe and comfortable: mothers raise issues 25.04.2017

Ahead of municipal elections the expectations of young mothers with children not only ride comfort, entertainment and security concerns but also and safety.  Comfort and relaxation are pushed to the background in the absence of security. Yerevan mothers shared their concerns and worries with WomenNet.am-.


A resident of Arabkir administrative district A. Minasyan is worried about the traffic situation. “During a walk with the children even from some yards cars appear from possible and impossible places and drive at high speed. Even the streets are so narrow and small they seem to drive as in  a broad and high-speed highway. The poor neighborhood, lack of green spaces, fault and depreciation of carousels installed in playgrounds are concerning as well. A few days ago in Arabkir district H. Hakobyan str. One of the slides fell on the child, parents were forced to move the child to the hospital”, – she says.


In district Malatia-Sebastia V. Burnachyane identifies the problem of children playgrounds and general cleanliness of the streets, lack of sidewalks. “The sidewalk does not exist on our streets. We need to be sure that the child does not pick up trash on the playground from the ground and say, ‘Mom, what’s going on. There have been many such cases. We need to be sure that the child came to school on the sidewalk to reach a safe place, not came down and forced to walk in the middle of the street”, – she says.


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