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A Framework Agreement on Conflict-Based Sexual Violence has been signed in Yerevan

The events of the 17th Francophone Summit in Yerevan also focused on the protection of women’s rights and the discrimination against women and girls.


At the start of the summit, Secretary General of the International Organization of La Francophonie Mikael Jean and UN Special Representative for the UN Secretary General Pmila Patté signed a framework agreement on sexual violence during conflicts. The press service of the International Organization of Francophonie informed.


“It is necessary to prevent and combat sexual violence, used as a weapon or terrorist technique. This new partnership will result in joint actions that will promote the dissemination of information and technical assistance in the French-speaking area, as well as the prevention of sexual violence caused by conflict. It will focus on creating dialogue among conflicting parties, struggling against sexual harassment and effective access to victims for justice and intermittent services. This cooperation will also improve the state legislative framework, eliminate the root causes of sexual violence, including discrimination against women and girls, “the report said.


“I am glad that we were able to identify and unite our forces in the fight against this horrible evil that is a major obstacle to peace and development. Only by joining our forces we can achieve the elimination of that crime, which is probably oldest, but the most murderous, “Special Representative said,” We must also fight against discrimination against women, as an invisible factor of that crime, he added.



At a press conference after the 17th summit of the Francophonie International Organization, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted the work of Michael Jean, the former secretary in the field of women’s rights protection.



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