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The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women condemns violence against Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter

Coalition to stop violence against women issued a statement condemning the violence and illegal or unauthorized use of brute force in the Republican Party headquarters against “Yerkir Tirani” Party leader, mayoral candidate, MP Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter Lilit Drampyan on the May 14th , the day of the municipal elections, as a result of which the MP’s daughter was taken to hospital with concussion diagnosis.


The statement particularly reads:


“The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women” strongly condemns the use of force against the female mayoral candidate and her daughter, describing it as illegal and unacceptable. The Coalition calls on all human rights organizations to pursue the investigation. A thorough investigation of the incident and prosecution of  those responsible – both  the party headquarters and  police – It is required from the law enforcement system.


Also, we declare that in case of insufficient government activities and ignore the facts of such violence, which is contrary to a number of conventions ratified by Armenia, including the United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women »(CEDAW), we will remain committed to highlight and demonstrate the incident at all international forums, as the state’s failure to fulfill the obligations and opportunities for women’s political participation is an example of restriction and obstruction.


 “Coalition to Stop Violence against Women”


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