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Tamara Ghazaryan: “The future of our community is in our hands”


Tamara Ghazaryan participates in municipal elections to be held on October 2d, with this  slogan who is also a member of the council.

“We must show concern for every citizen.”


Today voters does not believe in empty words,  they are  waiting for the results.              If you were able to remove the thorn from human finger, then you will be a  light I their eyes and can run next time too. We must take care of the neighbor, every citizen, to work somehow be helpful to them,  – says Tamara Ghazaryan.


Almost everybody knows Tamara in Vayk, knows that she is a persistent, industrious and hard-working person who respects her own word, is looking for ways to solve any problem. Citizens  believes she is assertive, so it has a large army of supporters.


There is no unsolvable problem for Tamara Ghazaryan, she finds that in any case they can move mountains and if there is a fight for the resolution of any issue of concern to local residents to give, she is ready for it.


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