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How a woman became in charge of whole system


Against the backdrop of the unprecedented events taking place in Yerevan revealed the presence of discrimination against women among the majority society.


A female police officer, whose actions are essentially not different from her male colleagues’ actions, became a scapegoat and a recipient of the accumulated hatred against the whole system. Public extremely offenses expanded so much that even after the occupation of the SPS band one of the hiding members of the “Founding Parliament” had been careful to make a sexist record about a police officer.


But that officer could be criticized as much as her male counterparts, carrying out violence against citizens. However in case of male police officers community will not dig their past, the pictures will not spread with sexist intent of vulgar records. The result was that the important thing is not the fact of violence, but sex and appearance, the details of her past…


Let’s note that criticism toward the female police officer became even more acute when media reports circulated that the police officer had previously worked as a nightclub dancer. This is, as they say, poured oil on the fire, and expanded her critics’ sexual imagination. Her photos and a variety of collages have been widely spread in social networks. The media began to cite the Facebook posts, full of sexism and aggression. The case was even convening a special conference to present her personal life.


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