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Intoxication in Baghramyan village school


Just a few days after our annoncement «What do the Armenian schoolchildren eat?» , unfortunately, an intoxication case ocuureed in Baghramyan village school.


Today Ministry of Territorial administration and Emergency Situations released an announcement according to which 20 schoolchildren from Baghramyan village school were taken to the medical center of Artashat. Later it became known that 37 children were hospitalized.


In an interview with womennet.am Baghramyan village mayor said that the children had eaten hot dog from school cafeteria. According to preliminary data that was the reason of intoxication. In conversation with us neither village mayor nor the others told us the name of the company which provided the food.


Head master of the school Ruzan Tadevosyan said that «Sargsyan Gohar» entrepeneur has been providing food to school for more than 15 years. «We have refrigerator, but we do not put it there as it is consumed very quickly. Today only 4-5 children felt bad but the doctor tols us that all the children should be taken to hospital.


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