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What are the benefits of the agricultural economies  from state subsidy programs supporting of them? 


Oxfam and the Centre for Economic Development and Research released the “Rural Advisory Services” and “State support to farmers for the purchase of agricultural and diesel fuel  and fertilizers”  independent assessment of budget programs that contain quite remarkable discoveries. programs of agricultural subsidies these studies show that they are not effective enough in terms of their coverage, both in terms of resource expenditure.


“There are opportunities to provide low-cost fertilizer to farmers by 35%”.


“According to research, there are opportunities to provide fertilizers to farmers at least 35 percent cheaper, but prices are artificially inflated. In conditions of the freedom of the market place, our market could have  offered cheaper prices to farmers if the industry were not  monopolized and  the state were not restrict competition with its tools”, – says project leader Karine Harutyunyan, Center for Economic Development and Research, noting that the survey data, the farmers themselves expressed their concerns, ranging from the quality of fertilizers, price and program implementation”.


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