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What problems are Yezidis facing immigrating to Armenia


This issue was discussed today at a meeting organized by the Armenian Office of the Institute for War and Peace reporting together with Public Journalism club. The participants discussed issues related to integration of refugees from Iraq and asylum opportunities.


As a result of hostilities, started in the Middle East, thousands of people died and many became refugees, and Yezidis immigrating to Armenia face social, educational and cultural integration issues. They are supported by the largest national Yezidis community in Armenia but they need active support of the State and relevant international organizations.


Three families having immigrating to Armenia because of the war in Iraq have already got refugee status. They can avails of all the rights and support programs which are provided to people receiving a refugee status. Currently Armenia occupies the third place in Europe by the rate of accepting refugees. The majority of refugees are Syrian-Armenians.


Yezidi community supported the immigrants in tackling the issue of their residence. “They were placed in separate apartments belonging to Yezidis who have fled. In 23 Yezidi villages there are many empty houses. The owners of these houses are ready to provide them, but the state in its turn should determine for itself how many resources it should allocate to solve the problems of the immigrants.


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