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Iveta Tonoyan: “To be honest with all surrounding people whom you deal with” 

Director of “Gagik Tsarukyan” Benevolent Foundation, Kentron “TV news” program director, Gagik Tsarukyan’s spokesperson Iveta Tonoyan is included in the national list of the alliance at 8th place, and it is possible that according to the results of the parliamentary election to be held on April 2d she will  continue her  activities at the NA.


  • What was the reason that you decided to enter politics?


Probably I’ll start from the beginning. I have not ever thought  before, that there will come a time when I could continue my activities in Parliament with the status of a deputy of the National Assembly. Everything happened very spontaneously. I got a proposal to join the alliance list by Gagik Tsarukyan, which  gladly accepted, because it is first and foremost a great responsibility for me and I am grateful for the confidence of Mr. Tsarukyan. I think that my activities in various areas  of the past few years suggests that my skills, my knowledge and my experience can  serve the legislature to have a productive work for the benefit and prosperity of our country.


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