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Irina Hovakimyan: “We were working day and night to ensure frontline ammunition”

I met Irina Hovakimyan at the “Victory” park. Every year on this day, she puts flowers on the graves of the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War and Artsakh war. Her memoirs are attracted to those distant years when she was doing her  duty towards the country, working day and night producing ammunition at “Neutron” Research and Production Association.


Meanwhile, Irina Hovakimyan worked for 15 years in the military section of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Electrical Circuit. After the start of the independence war  such professionals were more than needed. There was a shortage of ammunition in the front and the gap must be filled as well as domestic products. “Neutron”  was just working on that.


We were working three shifts during the war, they were cold and hard years, sleepless nights, although the lighting was provided for us, given the importance of the work, but the work was difficult because of the cold, my hands were freezing, I find it difficult to do the drawings. My husband bought a fur coat to wear at work, for making  drawings I was wearing  gloves.


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