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Prime Minister congratulated Best Woman Entrepreneur award winners

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan attended the 6th Best Woman Entrepreneur award ceremony, held under the high auspices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. The event is organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment with support of the National Center for SME Development Foundation.


For valuable contribution to economic development and active public stance, the Head of Government handed in Prime Minister’s diplomas to Best Woman Entrepreneur award winners from Yerevan and the provinces in the following nominations: Best Female Employer, Best Innovative Woman, Best Woman Entrepreneur Brand, Best Young Businesswoman, Best Female Start-Up and Best Woman Exporter.


“I wish you would never get weary with your beauty, smile and drive so that you could instill a culture of tolerance all around you. We are well aware that business people are one of our society’s driving forces, and therefore most government functions and steps are aimed at making the business environment more understandable. As I offer you my heartfelt congratulations, I want you to be successful, energized so that your business could thrive year after year,” the Prime Minister said.


Special prizes were awarded to female entrepreneurs from Artsakh. Prime Minister’s “Best Woman Entrepreneur” awards were also presented by the following international organizations: USAID, GIZ, UNIDO, UNFPA, UNHCR, EBRD ASB, EBRD BSO, AWAY, AUA and CARITAS:


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