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Lilit Hakobyan. “Aflatun”  teaches the art of moving forward 

From despair to success, from fall to momentum of going forward, from work to result. A girl born ordinary village Dalarik today  carries out social and financial education programs for children and teachers in rural areas. Studying and teaching the art of going forward  Lilit Hakobyan every day is  trying to change the world for her and her children.


1990s  became a serious test for thousands of families in Armenia, including Lilit’s. The father had to travel to find work to help support the family. Years away from the rest of the family met with failure had irreversible consequences on the health of her father. His loss and difficult childhood could have broken Lilit, but 16-year-old girl was stronger than misfortune.


Now she knows that one can fail and lose all the time, even the strongest ones. This realization changed her life, made her understand, that even having failed it is possible to go ahead, there are victories after the defeat. One must be able to stand up after every fall. Today she tells her students not to be afraid of failures. She says that they should also understand that failure is first and foremost a good experience for next victories.


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