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Lusine Nikoghosyan: “One just should want to see the beauty”

All of the antique, forgotten household items, spoon, fork, a piece of sugarcane, a cup or plate pieces, dried mushrooms and moss, wheat germ or colorful feather, all thanks to the delicate fingers of the designer Lusine Nikoghosyan turns into elegant and beautiful jewelry, which are often out of the limits of human imagination.


Friends are well aware of Lusine’s preference, they provide her with “raw materials”, after seeing the range, her thoughts and ideas about which do not leave Lusine.

She has loved to paint since childhood even though she did not attend drawing classes. She was a schoolgirl when she surprised her mother with a picture in which a human figure was pictured. It was no longer decided that the natural grace needed to be developed first at the P. Terlemezian College of Painting, then in the Academy of Fine Arts Design. After graduating, Lusine worked at a jewelry store for a short time. The daily interaction with jewelry brought her the desire to create them independently, which, however, remained as an idea for a long time.


Then, family, children, everyday problems, but painting and especially the idea of creating jewelry did not give Lusine a rest. The first ornament was a beautiful and unique necklace created by the Melchior tea spoon. Inspired by the appreciation of the close ones, Lusine creates perfect works of art that never repeats each other.


“I love working at the same time on several jewelries, I do not concentrate on one,” Lusine tells WomenNet. “My mind flies and flies from one idea to another. They are so diverse and different; I can work on a scarf for a week, leave it uncompleted and go to another, then third, fourth and return to the first one. Sometimes the ornament that you have previously imagined may end in a different style.

Lusine is the only instrument in her life is a tool remained as a memory by her father-in-law and her arms. The ideas of creating beautiful things are born unexpectedly as a result of patience and carefulness – while walking, on the street, in transport, or by some sort of seeing, and what she sees is joined with imagination and turned into an idea, from which she makes just one step. The nature is a source of inspiration for Lusine, which according to her is a storehouse of ideas with its beauty, colors and perfection.


The painter’s profession helps her in the right combination of colors and styles. It is enough to give the teaspoon a slight curvature and shape it with the finest natural stone to make it a luxurious necklace of everyday life, or a beautiful fever made with feathers attached to a broken piece of antique sugarcane.


For the first time, Lusine Nikoghosyan was introduced to the public by two personal exhibitions opened in 2014, and then via the Internet. Today, she has many customers, and some have even acquired a collection of Lusine’s works.


Lusine Nikoghasyan is convinced that nothing can be done without love and devotion.


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