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California is introducing gender quotas in state corporations

California became the first US state, which enshrines a provision in its legislation, which states that women must also be included in the state corporation board of directors. This was announced by Edmund Brown, the governor of the California State Senate Legal Commission.


“I sign the Senate’s 826 law, calling public companies, according to which women should also be involved in the board of directors,” says a report published on the governor’s website. It appears that the bill was passed by the local senate on August 29th. According to these requirements, if there are up to 4 directors in the board of directors of public companies, there must be at least one woman in the governing body of the company, in case of 5 or more – 2-3 women.


It should be noted that the practice of gender quotas in business leaders’ positions has long been widespread in a number of European countries.

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