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Women are more likely to elect  “Tsarukyan” and “Way out” alliances, men, – ARF, “People’s Congress”, the Communist Party

During parliamentary elections of April 2, the Armenian Sociological Association and «Baltic Surveys» / The Gallup Organization (Lithuania), with the support of “Yerkir Media” TV  carried out polls for public opinion research (Exit Poll): The survey was conducted in 13 constituencies 125 polling stations in Yerevan and regions. The poll was conducted among nearly 30,000 people. Interviewed were selected from each of the polling stations 1 out of 7 voters.


According to the election polls Armenian Sociological Association chose constituencies on a random basis so that they cover the entire territory of the republic and represent the regions, urban and rural areas and meet the size of the electoral district.


The voters were asked to fill out a survey (Exit Poll) questionnaire, indicating the party and the candidate they voted in favor and   after filling it with a request to throw it into the  box, which made it possible to ensure the  confidentiality of respondent’s personality.


The survey results are classified according to the votes cast for political parties participating in the elections, by region, by age and sex of respondents.


President of Armenian Sociological Association Gevorg Poghosyan said that although the survey did not have variations in sexual terms, however, there are some differences.


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