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Women blame Google for sexism

Manifestation of Sexism in Google company. This is evidenced by six dozen employees of the company who are going to file a suit. Women claim that they are paid lower than their male counterparts, a striking example of gender inequality.


They blamed James Damur, one of the company’s managers, for a memorandum that contributes to the violation of the rules and the creation of gender stereotypes. The memorandum proposes to “reduce the number of women in the technology industry to create a less stressful environment”.


James Damur, a computer engineer who has worked out a memorandum, noted that the hobbies and abilities of men and women are different and they are conditioned by biological differences. “These differences explain why we do not see equal representation of women in leadership and technology management,” he said. He argued that discrimination in raising women’s representation in the technology sector is as proportionate and misleading as the deaths from women representing homeless. In the memorandum, he specifically notes that women are on the average most stressful, which will hamper them to lead their positions. He also notes that women are more vulnerable than others, and show greater interest in people, not on phenomena and things. Later, it turned out that the author of the memorandum was dismissed. He promised to apply for legal remedies while at the same time stating that he had never claimed that women were “less capable” administrators.


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