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Women received a record number of seats in the British parliament

According to the results of the early elections held on June 8th, more than 207 women in the 650-seat lower house of the British parliament mandates received a record number of women representation in the legislative body, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.


According to the results of the previous elections held in 2015, women received 191 parliamentary seats in the Lower House, after  elections their number  was increased up to 196. On June 8th , according to the results of the voting, in particular  kept her position  the British Interior Minister Amber Rudd who is one of the closest persons of  Conservative party leader and prime minister Theresa May. The United Kingdom also has a place in the parliament for Sikher Preet Jile who run by the Labor Party at one of  Birmingham  polling stations.


It should be noted that women got the right to vote after the  struggle in 1918, which was distributed only on women older than 30 years-old ones. Yet ten years later, in 1928, all 21 years old women received the right to vote.


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