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Gendered trends in housework

The inhabitants of Scandinavia and Canada over the last 50 years at least had to do dish washing, do ironing, and other duties while Italian and Spanish women  more often  do household work, – according to  Demographic Research journal publishing  research data made by Oxford University scientists.



Inequality between men and women decreases with household chores



“In general it can be said that mankind is gradually moving towards a more equal distribution of household duties between men and women. Despite obvious progress in recent decades, our research shows that the process has slowed down in many countries”, – says Oriel Sallivene from Oxford University (UK).



Sallivenn and his colleagues confirmed the widespread perception that the amount of time that women spend on household chores, usually is strictly proportional to matter how conservative and traditional is the society in which they live. Such  conclusion was made by scientists in 19 countries, including the former socialistic countries during nearly 50 years of observation of women.



The study’s main conclusion is that inequality between men and women with household chores has not disappeared. Women on average spend 1-2 hours more on working at home than men do, and in some countries this figure is almost twice as high.



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