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Women’s participation in the negotiations. The path to a more stable and secure world



UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for peace talks and expand women’s participation in peacekeeping operations, as well as to strengthen their protection in armed conflicts.



“Look photos negotiations on Syria or Yemen. Around the table were at best only one woman in the delegation. And this is the background that women and girls continue to suffer from discrimination, which are exacerbated by conflict. They are victims of brutal crimes committed by extremist groups, including IGIL and Boko Haram, “said Ban Ki-moon’s special session of the UN Security Council, which was devoted to” Women, peace and security. ” resolution 1325 implementation. Among the speakers at the session were representatives of the 78 member states of the UN.



Stressing that women’s participation in peacekeeping is important road leading sustainable world,  head of the UN’s referred to recent studies, which show that women’s presence at the table of negotiations brings to is the fact that the agreements is by 35% more stable than those that have been developed without their participation.



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