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Green areas account for only 3% of Yerevan…


A third of the residents of Armenia lives in Yerevan, Today, only 1 in 3 residents accounted for one tree – 3 times less – 7.8 square meters of green space … The park and gardens are within 3% of the surface area, for comparison, in London parks and gardens – 38% , in New York – 14%.


Yerevan is facing the greatest environmental risk. These alarms are almost by all experts, with the exception of those who are responsible for working at the office of Municipality Environmental Department.


“Talking about environmental issues, we need to understandthat they are accumulated problems and not new dispute. Municipal and political authorities, which have not been changed in the last 10 years, not only have not solved these problems, but they are continually adding. So, for me, one thing is clear. The approaches presented in election programs, are mainly of declarative nature. The solution is political, and there are no political decisions in programs”, – says I. Zarafyan.


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