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  The government commission is inclined to implement a 30/70 quota setting

A regular working group on elaborating the amendments to the Electoral Code has been summoned to the National Assembly today. First Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, Chairman of the Electoral Legislation Reform Commission under the RA Prime Minister participated in the discussion. During the discussion, the issue of quotas ensuring the representation of women in the National Assembly was also touched upon.


Ararat Mirzoyan explained the MPs how they imagine cooperation between the working groups formed in the executive and legislative bodies of the Republic of Armenia. According to him, it is expected that at the end of July, the Government Electoral Legislation Reform Commission will finalize its conception of reform of electoral legislation, which will be possible to work more efficiently with the parliamentary working group. According to Ararat Mirzoyan, the best version of the debate should be submitted to the parliament for a single joint project, which will be followed by scheduled stages, discussions, and the Venice Commission’s conclusion and so on.


In the ideal version, yes, we have to have one project, with all of us, with all our hearts, with separate points of view, which may have separate powers,” said Mirzoyan, adding that in his conviction, at least two things are not acceptable – artificially prolonging time and the competition between the two committees set up for the same purpose, being dominated by one another.


Parliamentary forces have already completed their proposals in their working group; in general they have made about fourteen recommendations. Introducing the Government’s position, Ararat Mirzoyan mentioned that every good proposal is acceptable, but at this stage it is necessary to choose the innovations that do not require long time.


In any case, the discussions on electoral legislation are continuing both in the Government and in the National Assembly. As for the deadline for snap parliamentary elections, it is unchanged, according to Ararat Mirzoyan, maximum during a year, two months have already passed.


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