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The government increases the amount of child birth and care benefits


In order to improve the demographic situation, lump sums of child birth and childcare allowances of up to 2 years will be increased. Decisions on this were made at a government meeting on January 9th.


According to the previous regulations, the amount of the lump-sum child benefit was differentiated, in particular, the amount of the benefit for the first child was 50,000 AMD and for the second child – 150,000 AMD.


Under the new order, the lump-sum allowance for the first and second baby born on or after July 1th, 2020 is set at 300,000 AMD.


According to another project, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was proposing to increase the amount of childcare allowance for children up to 2 years, as set by the RA Law on State Benefits, making it 26,500 instead of 18,000.


This regulation will also come into force on July 1th, 2020 and will apply to all citizens who are currently beneficiaries.


It is also worth mentioning that it is envisaged to enforce the right to child care for children up to 2 years old living in rural areas, regardless of whether or not their mother works, and the benefit will be doubled if they work.


Overall, more than 4, 786,000,000 AMD will be allocated for these projects.

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