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The Government is against increasing retirement of mothers with many children


The Government is against the initiative which proposes to increase pensions of mothers with many children by 20% of the pension intended for mothers with 4 children, by 40% for mothers with 5 children and by 60% for mothers with six and more children. According to the authors of the initiative its adoption will be an additional stimulus for birth rate increase.


However, the Government does not share this idea and during the meeting held on December 9th it rejected the party’s suggestion with the following objection: “In recent years our country has carried out projects aimed at stimulating the birth rate. In addition, from January 1st of 2016, for working women for 140-day-period intended for maternity leave by Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia, maternity benefit will be paid also to non-working mothers.


Besides, according to the Government, the draft policy does not stem from the nature of the policy held in pension sphere.


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