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Quarantine. When CHANEL became bleach

A few days ago, the Human Rights Defender presented the Armenian version of the international guide on coronavirus for children.


In isolation from the new coronavirus epidemic, when educational and other institutions are closed and children are locked in the house, when the virus can enter the house through clothes, shoes, telephone or any other object, the workload of women cleaning the house has increased. Now, in addition to cleaning, everything must be disinfected literally.


Ofelia, 35, has two young children. It is true that these days  they rarely go out to the yard, they do not receive guests, but they do everything to fight the virus. In the fight against the virus, she often does not even notice when the day started and when it got dark.


“We used to wake up in the morning, get dressed, blow CHANEL perfume, go to work. Now I wake up, take medical alcohol and bleach in my hand. While the children are asleep, I disinfect the bathroom, clean the tables with alcohol, the handles of the doors, windows, shelves, in a word, we are all smelling bleach now. A few days ago, my husband joked that if we don’t die from coronavirus, we will  from the smell of bleach. Indeed, a few days ago I got worse from its smell, I was dizzy, nauseous, I opened all the windows to ventilate the house well, ”says Ofelyan.


She is surprised. In the days of Quarantine, there was no report, no video, no guide, no conditions for disinfecting the house. Meanwhile, on the days when we are  closed at home, it should have been the first work of the relevant bodies.


Gayane K., who lives in one of the villages of Ararat region, tells us that the number of infected people in their region is increasing day by day, even the branch of the credit organization in Artashat regional center has been closed, she has decided not to receive guests.


She posted a note on the door, then took its photo and published on her social network page:


“Since we are very close with the neighbors, we had coffee together and went shopping. But in the current situation there is nothing left to do. Several times a day we enter the garden near the house, plant greens, flowers, remove the dried branches of the trees, remove the grass until the day is over, ”Gayane presents her daily life.


She has three children attending kindergarten. To ensure proper disinfection of the children’s hands, she put alcohol in all the rooms of the house with small containers, wet wipes containing alcohol.


The information on the organization of disinfection on the official website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health is stingy. In the case of self-isolation, there are several steps to be taken, including:


Wash your hands often


Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and dry thoroughly. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.


Set aside household items


Set aside utensils, towels, bedding, and other household items. After using these items, wash them thoroughly with soap and water.


Only members of your household can stay with you. Do not invite or receive guests. Get in touch online.




Try to stay away from your pets. If it is unavoidable, wash your hands before and after contact.


Provide as high a water temperature as possible for washing


When washing, keep the temperature of water as high as possible in combination with washing powder. Dry and iron at the maximum allowable temperature. Wear disposable gloves and aprons when dealing with contaminated items.


Do not send items to the laundry.


Seal the trash can


Collect used napkins, masks and other household waste in garbage bags, tie them as soon as they are filled, put them in another bag and tie them again, then remove the garbage.

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