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Karine Ghukasyan: “We should try to recover the faith for tomorrow” 

Member of city council of “Bright Armenia” party faction in Vanadzor, business lady, founder of  Cara Karen” LLC dealing with dairy production,  dentist of  “Hope for Armenia”  charitable dental clinic Karine Ghukasyan runs in a regional list of “Yelq”/Way out alliance at the 9th district in Vanadzor . As she says, becoming an MP was not the highest goal, but vision of changing something for the better forced her to accept the proposal and to submit her candidacy for the party.


“To be honest, after the local elections held last year, I was not ready to re-enter the race quickly into this campaign, but as it was necessary I agreed,” said Karine.


For the candidate the most important issues facing Armenia is the country’s security, then as a woman entrepreneur she emphasizes the need to improve the difficult economic and social situation of the country, which directly affects all sectors. The third is  to restore the lost trust of the people towards tomorrow.


“I, as a particle of nation do not have faith for tomorrow,   we are all disappointed and will try to restore people’s faith in the future,” she said.


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