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“A woman must be silent”: research details

Armenia is on the threshold of adopting a law against domestic violence and no matter what changes and amendments it will eventually adopt, it is important that it really has a public demand. This is evidenced by the results of recent qualitative research carried out by the International Center for Human Development, which have not only revealed public perceptions of this issue but once again demanded a solution.


Let us remind you that the survey was conducted in 13 focus groups in Yerevan and six communities in Shirak and Gegharkunik. The research participants point out that the main causes of domestic violence were poor socio-economic conditions, outbound employment, misunderstanding, the role of mother-in-law, as well as the dependence on alcohol and gambling.


The authors point out that Yerevan participants whose social environment is more varied and variable, socio-economic situation is more prosperous, mobility opportunities are broader educational censorship is higher, with urban flexibility when making choices, are more familiar with gender issues, Western approaches and perceptions, prioritize deep-rooted factors that contribute to domestic violence, patriarchal stereotypes, and their reproduction. Whereas in the regions where social reality is different, a more static social environment, a high level of unemployment and migration, and a lower level of well-being due to these factors, more limited access to mobility and new realities, focus group participants consider the socio- economic situation to be a primary factor.


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