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Needs of women migrants and refugees are often left behind


Today there are approximately 244 million migrants worldwide, and more than 65 million displaced persons. Half of them are women, whose needs are often neglected in policies designed to protect and support migrants and refugees. While women are often the first to face the crisis and on the ways of migration or refugee camps or in their own countries they are playing a role of enormous importance in the preservation and reconstruction of their communities.



On September 19th, within the framework of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly the high-level summit on migrants and refugees in New York State and Government leaders admitted declaration  taking a responsibility to ensure the protection of millions of refugees and migrants. During the Summit, world leaders committed themselves to a more predictable and fair way to respond to the unprecedented number of movements of refugees and migrants, through distribution of responsibilities.



Global responsibilities include the promotion and protection of women’s and girls’ human rights, address the unique needs of women and girls, including their voices and accountable to them.



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