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«Those honoring women»…

One of the officials who committed violence against a woman has a criminal past, Haykakan Zhamanak writes. The paper has identified officials who committed violence against Marina Khachatryan, member of Yerkir Tsirani Faction at Yerevan Council of Elders.


Deputy Mayor of Yerevan David Ohanian, mayor’s advisor Gor Vardanyan, members of the RPA faction Hovhannes Avanesyan, Sergei Mkrtchyan, Edmond Kirakosyan, Vaspurak Martirosyan and Artak Gasparyan took an active part in the incident. Seven of the above-mentioned individuals have committed violence against Yerevan Yerkir Tsirani faction Concil member Marina Khachatryan.


From left to right on the photo: Hovhannes Avanesyan, Gor Vardanyan, David Ohanyan, Edmon Kirakosyan (slapper), Sergei Mkrtchyan, Vaspurak Martirosyan.


The advancement of Marina Khachatryan was prevented by the council member Suren Nersisyan and Arthur Gevorgyan, the Head of the Municipality’s Information Department. During that time the sewage was poured into the floor of the hall. Deputy Mayor David Ohanian, council member Hovhannes Avanesyan and Sergei Mkrtchyan quickly approached. They pushed Marina Khachatryan a few meters away, after which David Ohanyan shouted and Hovhannes Avanesyan was supporting from the back. In the middle of the hall, Marina Khachatryan was trying to hit Edmond Kirakosyan, a member of the community council, but Kirakosyan prevented and slapped Marina Khachatryan in the next act. While Marina Khachatryan would understand what happened to her, council member Vaspurak Martirosyan dropped her back. Marina Khachatryan had already reached the hall, but did not intend to go. An attempt to remove her from the hall was made by a council member


Artak Gasparyan, who managed to pull Marina Khachatryan out to the lobby. During that time, Hovhannes Avanesyan, a council member, hindered our work.  Taron Margaryan’s Adviser Gor Vardanyan, finally dropped her out of the area. Vardanyan embraced Khachatryan and took several meters away.


Deputy Mayor Davit Ohanyan has been appointed to this post since he had the unquestionable support of MP Samvel Alexanyan. Gor Vardanyan supported the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) during the parliamentary elections, even speaking at one of the gatherings of Arakel Movsisyan (Shmays), and after the City Council elections he became Taron Margaryan’s advisor. Suren Nersisyan, a member of the Council of Elders, was directing voters at the polling station during parliamentary elections, which registered the “Haykakan Zhamanak”.Hovhannes Avanesyan is known as a member who makes remarkd during the council meetings. Elder member Artak Gasparyan is an ex-operative, he has worked for many years as an officer in the Nor Norq police division. Councilor Vaspurak Martirosyan has a criminal past.


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