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“Protected and highly valued role of a woman is a guarantee of a healthy society and a strong state.” Human Rights Defender

Women’s problems often remain unresolved and stereotypes promote violence against them, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan stated at the UN Office in Geneva, speaking at the annual High-Level Conference on Human Rights World Institutions, dedicated to the protection of women’s rights.


Tatoyan particularly noted that the issue of guaranteeing women’s rights is always in the center of attention and problems are reflected both in annual and special reports.


“Women with discretion are subjected to double discrimination, as medical services remain inaccessible to them especially in the provinces and in a number of rural communities,” he said. The Ombudsman also touched upon the complexities faced by both women and adolescents, while promoting workplace, while maintaining jobs in pregnancy and childbirth. “Women also have difficulties in organizing children’s care, as most of them do not have flexible working conditions”, the official said.


The Ombudsman also touched upon the stereotypes regarding women, noting that women do not have enough participation in decision-making, and stereotypes are also one of the main factors contributing to violence against women.


The Defender presented the experience of the National Human Rights Institution of Armenia in the field of women’s rights protection as well as highlighted the role of media in effective promotion of women’s rights.


It should also be mentioned that before going to Geneva, the Ombudsman’s office published a video in which briefly represents the problems women face in Armenia: “Women in Armenia, unfortunately, are facing issues that are a consequence of misconceptions about their stereotypes and their role”.  The protected and highly valued role of a woman is a mandatory guarantee of a healthy society and a strong state, “says the Human Rights Defender’s Office.


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