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It is about maternity benefits again. Clarification


They are not going to increase benefits of three types- maternity, lump-sum allowance for child’s birth and child care which will be provided by the state in 2016. This was announced by the Head of the Pensions Welfare department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Anahit Galstyan mentioning that the only change which will take place in 2016 refers to the introduction of allowance which will be given to non-working mothers which was enshrined in the law in 2014.


The official said that the maternity allowance granted to non-working mothers will be given as a lump-sum based on the calculation of the minimum wage and will be approximately 126 000 AMD.


“There won’t be any change in the allowance given to working mothers from 2016, Maternity allowance granted to a working mother may not be less than the amount of the benefits provided to an unemployed mother”, – she said.


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