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The world economy loses 17 billion dollars a year due to the lack of women in the labor market

There is no country in the world where women receive more than men, or at least equal to that of glory. Of course, gender inequality is manifested in different ways and to different degrees in different countries. However, one way or another, in the whole world it is increasingly difficult to climb the career ladder, to combine work and family. As a result, many women do not even try to find a balance and choose the role of housewife.


As calculated by the International Monetary Fund, the global economy loses $ 17 trillion annually due to the lack of women at the labor market. At the same time, women are forced to perform domestic work, sometimes very hard, absolutely for free, which may be very beneficial to men, but it is profitable neither for women,  nor for global economy.


About how to solve this problem, in an interview with the International Monetary Fund Julie Delahantin, head of the Canadian branch of Oxfam/ organization struggle against poverty worldwide said:


“”The profit that women provide in the economy, unpaid work in the home and caring for children is 10 trillion dollars a year. In developing countries, women do a lot of work on a larger scale because of the fact that population lives in poverty, economic inequality between women and men are more noticeable”.


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