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The organic food labeling is the image of three pomegranates



There are 340 000 farm households, 90% os which are unaware of organic food, although development of organic agriculture is considered as a priority and promising direction in our country. This was told by Nune Darbinyan – founder of the organization “ECOGLOB” certifying organic food in Armenia. When we asked her what food is considered as organic, she answered:


–         The food which was produced in conditions defined by organic standards is considered as organic. During the production of such food usage of pesticides, genetically modified organisms are excluded. Although development of organic agriculture has great prospects, however, the pace of progress is not satisfying. There are 340 000 farm households 90% of which are unaware of organic food. While organic food is in great demand in many countries, so the state supports farmers for the development o this sphere. Organic products are necessarily certified so that a buyer can understand where and in what conditions it is produced. The entire process is transparent. Organic products ensure people and future generations from dangerous consequences of contaminated food.


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