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This year’s five nominees of “Aurora” award known

“Aurora” humanitarian initiative co-founders Ruben Vardanyan and Nubar Afeyan presented this year’s five nominees of the award. On behalf of the Armenian Genocide survivors in gratitude for their rescuer for the  prize of million dollars given to them this year claim Fartun Adann and Ilvad Elman Somalia’s founders  of “Elman” center involved in the restoration work of child soldiers, Jamil Afghan dealing with the protection of women’s rights in Afghanistan, a field hospital doctor Mohamed Darvishe Syria , Denis Mukwege  first aid doctor supporting  women subjected to sexual violence in Congo,  Dr. Tom Katinan workers in Sudan  who was  “Aurora” candidate last year. “Aurora” award this year’s prize will be announced on May 28th.


“Aurora” project founder Ruben Vardanyan said that today is a very important day for our nation. “Exactly one year ago we chose the first prize” Aurora”. In the past year various problems of humanitarian character have been solved in four countries”, – he said, adding that the candidates were selected by the International Commission, which consists of Armenian one descent, eight foreigners.


Nubar Afeyan, co-founder of the initiative, said that this year’s celebrations of the  “Aurora” will last 5 weeks and will end on the first day of the Republic of Armenia  – on May 28th . “It is no accident that such events start on time, which is a symbol of passing from death into life, suffering and death to recovery from genocide to independence,” Afeyan said.


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