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The names of three devotees nominated for the Aurora Prize are known

Today, the Aurora Award Electoral Commission has presented to the public the names of three heroes of “Aurora 2018. “. As the IDEA press service reports, each individual has been selected for his exceptional bravery, continuous influence, and inexhaustible devotion, which has been demonstrated for the salvation of human life and the advancement of humanitarian aid under the disaster. The Aurora Award, granted by the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, to the gratitude of their savior, represents three heroes of this year.


Cho la Aun- lawyer and leader of the Rohingjya people, Myanmar. Despite the fact that Rohindi, Muslim Cho La Aun, has spent 12 years in prisons for allegedly organizing peaceful protests against systematic discrimination and repression, his advocacy skills have always been in line with the needs of his community, fighting for inequality, advancing human rights and creating educational opportunities. He has rewarded international organizations that provide medical and general assistance to refugees in Myanmar.


Hector Thomas Gonzales Castillo, “72. Founder of the Home and Asylum Migrant Organization, Mexico. The patron saint of the Franciscan covenant has provided asylum, food, water, counseling and legal support to more than 50,000 Central American immigrants during their difficult journey through Mexico, helping everyone, including those who suffered attacks and abductions, and expelled from their own country. He has rewarded organizations that are active in promoting human rights promotion for people living with HIV / AIDS, as well as providing the Maya people with cultural education in Mexico.


Sunita Krishna, co-founder of “Prjuvala”, India. The group rape rights activist, however, later turned the pain into a source of strength and inspiration to save, rehabilitate, and reintegrate the society to victims of sexual trafficking and forced prostitution by creating an organization that has had a positive impact on the lives of more than 17,800 women and children. She has rewarded organizations that are struggling against gender inequality, sexual abuse and trafficking in India.

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