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Armenian families by numbers

In our country, 63% of men and 58 of women are married. Widowed women make up 14 percent, and men – 3 percent. The number of divorced men is 1.2 percent, while the number of women – 3.8 percent. The mother of every 10th born child applies to be defined as a single mother. Their  number is 125 thousand.


They marry less, divorce more


In 2016, 16 294 marriages were registered. Compared to December-January months of 2015 marriages fell by 7.4%. Over the past few years this figure has consistently decreased. 2015 recorded 17 603 cases of marriage, in 2014 that number was 18 912, in 2013 – 18, 363, in 2012 –  19, 063.


Compared to 1 000 cases of marriage in January-December of 2016,   224 cases of divorce were recorded compared to 208 in December of 2015. That is, four marriages accounted for about one divorce. The divorce rate is almost one / third occurs after 20 or more years of marriage.


The age of marriage is rising


 They marry less and later. If in 2001 the average age for women at first marriage was 22.8 and 26.9 – for men, in 2012 for  women it was 25.3 and  for men –  28.8 years, in 2015 for men it was 29.4, for women  – 26.2 years.


They want many children, but have a few


45% of Armenians consider that ideal family is to have  3 children and for 23%  –  ideal is to have3  4 children, while only 5% of the Armenian families have three children and only 1% have four children … 57.1% of households have no children under 16. The total birth rate coefficient is equal to 1.58, which does not provide a simple reproduction of the population. The average age of the mother of a child at birth is 26.4 years and 24.4 years at birth of first child.


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