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Armenian women have become more independent, but mostly earn less than a husband. Research 

In Armenia, the proportion of married working men is twice that of women (42 and 89 percent, respectively). 87 per cent of working men receive remuneration compared to 65 per cent of working women. Working women are more likely to work without pay (9 percent) than men (1 percent). This is evidenced by the RA National Statistical Service’s “Demographic and Health Survey of Armenia: 2015-16. main results” report (ADHS 2015-16).


Women’s participation in family decisions has increased


The authors of the report state that nine out of ten married ten women decide how to use their earnings. 28 percent of them decide on their own, and 67 percent with her husband. At the same time, two-thirds of women earn less than a husband.


Violence in numbers


One of the seven married women who have ever been married has been subjected to any form of violence, emotional, physical or sexual abuse by her husband. 8 percent of women have been subjected to domestic violence during the last 12 months. Three out of ten women ever married in Ararat were subjected to domestic violence, as compared to 1 percent of women in Syunik. The proportion of women exposed to violence by a husband decreases with the growth of women’s educational level, making up 24 percent of women with basic education and 9 percent of women with higher education.


The survey was implemented nationally by a representative sample of which 6,116 women aged 15-49 and all 2,755 men aged 15-49 participated in interviews in half of all selected households. That is, the percentage of responses among women is 98 percent, and among men  – 97 percent. The sample ensures the calculation of indicators at national and provincial level, including Yerevan and urban and rural areas.


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