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Problems of people with disabilities in Armenia: discussion / video /

The Law on Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities has been operating in Armenia since 1993. Margarit Yesayan, member of the NA RPA faction, member of the NA Standing Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs, said at a December 4th  discussion at the Media Center that it is necessary to adopt a law that will satisfy all the stakeholders.


“This is one of the fields where we have many problems and we cannot say that we, as a state, as a society, have fulfilled our commitment to our citizens. During these years, we have not been able to create sufficient external conditions for people with disabilities, by virtue of law, to solve all the issues that unfortunately disabled people have in Armenia. This is a minus assessment for all the authorities, we must confess ourselves”, she said.


Yesayan emphasized that there should be a law that would satisfy the state and those with disabilities and all those NGOs that do that grateful job to deal with the problems of people with disabilities. The deputy highlighted the solution of the transport problem. She pointed out that there are only a few tailor-made buses, but the vehicles should be made available to all citizens of the Republic of Armenia.


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