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Hasmik Muradyan: “We need to consider life from bright side”

It is said that in the life of trials a person is tested for his stubbornness, power of will, aspiration to live, and the ability to remain human. Hasmik Muradyan is one of those unique people who not only succeeded in overcoming the test but also realized new ideas, ignoring all the difficulties …


When you talk to Hasmik you are surprised how a girl who was deprived of the opportunity to speak and move after a horrible car accident many years ago, was able to overcome the pain and that’s due to physical and mental exercises.


– Sport played a big role in my life. After a car accident, I felt on my skin what a great importance sport has in human life, thanks to which I was able to recapture myself, I could move and walk. One year ago I took part in a one-day trip of 16 kilometers long. I felt so proud that when the head of the trip approached to tired and dissatisfied climbers and said: “See how Hasmik goes on without complaining and smiling,” says Hasmik.


Even in her student years, Hasmik stood out with a vibrant and energetic character, always loved active life, nature, travels and hikes.


While studying in the 4th year of the Armenian State University of Economics, Hasmik decided to study Japanese, as she was fascinated by the country’s mighty economy, living and rich historical and cultural heritage. She began her studies at the Yerevan Humanities Institute’s Department of Japanese Language. Although Hasmik’s father was opposed to his daughter’s intention, considering it to be an “inefficient capital investment” as Hermik was studying for free at University, however, Hasmik graduated from the Japanese Faculty in a short time later by the same institute in 2005 got an invitation  for  the EXPO-2005 world exhibition titled “Wisdom of Nature” to be held in Aichi, Japan, also attended by Armenia.


After returning to the homeland, Hasmik bought a car by her earnings and went to work as a tour guide at the FANTURE travel agency, then as a Japanese tour manager at the same organization.


It took her 4 years after the car accident in 2009 to succeed in rebuilding the rhythm of life, living and walking in harmony with time.


– I was born twice, one on my birthday, the other one that survived the accident. I think the strong spirit of the Armenian people, the wisdom of the Japanese people, the possession of the Chinese martial arts and body and soul contributed to my healing. Though today, I am constrained by the consequences of a car accident, I continue to live active live. I have realized that a person is able to overcome any difficulty with his optimism, positive emotions and smile. I was not disappointed, looked for and found the occupation, the work that filled  my day. By the way, I am very grateful to Armen Alaverdyan, Director of “Unison” NGO, who supported me in work. I’m very happy and lucky because of the fact that the test did not break me, “says Hasmik.


In 2012  during recovery period Hasmik  was working on an Armenian-Japanese conversation book, two years later she created “japanarmenia.com” website with the goal of introducing Armenian and Japanese readers to cultural, spiritual life of the two countries, photographs and videos, to introduce them to the historical, cultural and sights, thus contributing to the development of tourism. But disability pensions were not enough to cover the site’s financial expenses, so Hasmik decided to ​​create a non-governmental organization for the development of JAR-Japanese-Armenian Relations, which she founded in 2017.


Her goal is to provide Japanese-speaking, English-speaking and Armenian-speaking communities with information on Armenian culture, historical and cultural heritage, monuments, theaters, museums, libraries, ancient sites and other tourism opportunities, to acquaint themselves with the Japanese historical and cultural heritage as well as to cooperate with Japanese and foreign organizations.

Hasmik’s public activities are part of her life, besides she continues to actively participate in campaigns and events.



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