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Statement of the Women’s Council chaired by the RA Prime Minister

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan presided over the session of the Council on Women’s Affairs by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.


Proceeding to the agenda, the Council looked into the situation concerning the Republic of Armenia law “On Provision of Equal Opportunities for Men And Women” and the term “gender,” after which a corresponding statement was issued. The statement reads as follows:


“By ratifying the UN Convention of Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in 1993 which is a legally binding document, Armenia assumed certain liabilities, including those aimed at eliminating discrimination against women in all its forms.


Faithful to the obligations: to respect, protect and promote women’s rights in order to ensure the development and advancement of women, as well as the legal and de facto equality with men, the Republic of Armenia will continue to implement programs aimed at solving these issues, including gender politics and sexual abuse strategic plans in 2011. 2015.


The Women’s Council calls for political and public figures to refrain from making unsubstantiated comments and statements that have nothing to do with ensuring equality and human rights. Women’s Council considers in the future paying more attention to protect women’s rights and gender equality issues coverage, in collaboration with non-governmental and international organizations, “the statement reads.


Then the Council refers to discussions concerning the appropriate level in the organization of “Women and men equal rights and equal opportunities provision” of RA law. The issues concerning the organization of the Prime Minister’s Award Ceremony of 2014 “Best community of gender issues,” “Best business woman”, “Best journalist covering the gender issues” were also discussed.

The Council on Women’s Affairs suggested to proclaim the year 2015 “The Year of Family”.
Ongoing other issues also have been discussed.


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