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Due to malnutrition of pregnant women children are stunted


It is a medically known fact that a healthy childhood prerequisite is to have a mother who received healthy and full nourishment. What is the situation in the regions of Armenia, particularly in Gegharquniq?


Our interlocutor Karine Harutyunyan  (the name is changed) is one of the few people in Sevan, who consciously followed the proper diet despite living in socially disadvantaged and large family.  She says that although she does not like dairy products she used it.


“During pregnancies of my two daughters I received vitamin-rich food because I realized that not eating properly would affect my children in the future. I used all dairy products besides curds, and fruits and vegetables. I did not use medications even in case I had pain, in order not to damage the child”, says Karine.


Head of the maternity department of Sevan hospital Hrachya Khalafyan said that he often meets undernourished pregnant women and children. “During pregnancy the requirement for food doubles. Fetal nutrition should be fully ensured, it receives nourishment from the mother via umbilical cord.  Malnutrition during pregnancy may lead to abnormalities in fetal retardation”, – says a doctor mentioning that a pregnant woman’s diet should contain carbon, protein, fat, vitamin-rich food.


Armenia’s Ministry of Health considers maternal and child health as a priority guided by the strategy for maternal and child health adopted in 2003 for 2003-2015 years. However, poverty is a major obstacle in the way of implementing the strategy, which, as shown by different studies, is one of the major causes of malnutrition of women and children.


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