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October 15th _ International Day of Rural Women


In Armenia over 37,1% of labor resources of the Republic are engaged in agricultural field, 58,7% of which are women which makes the women the most important players in agricultural development. Meanwhile, men’s employment in agriculture accounted for 28, 7% and the structure of women’s employment – 44, 6%. In addition, the number of women in non-formal agriculture is 86%. In fact, the majority of agricultural products are created by women, and they are the main guarantors of food supply and households in rural places. And as men leave abroad to work, women’s role is growing in these conditions.


The UN states that worldwide women make up about 43% of people employed in agriculture, and in developing countries, where agriculture makes up 32% of GDP, about 80% of economically active women are engaged in agriculture and food production. However, women constitute 70% of people suffering from hunger worldwide.


Appreciating the importance of role of rural women and their contribution to agricultural development, food security and poverty eradication, the UN declared October 15th in its official calendar as the International Day of Rural women.


It is not accidental that immediately following that day the UN celebrates two additional dates – October 16th – World Food Day – and October 17th – Day for the Eradication of the Poverty.


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