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Greece’s first female president assuming office


Greece’s new President Ekaterina Sakellaropoulou has sworn in and assumed the post of head of state. The ceremony took place on March 13 at a special session of the country’s parliament.


Sakellaropoulos became the first woman to hold the post of president of the Greek state. According to tradition, the oath of the head of state was accepted by Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece in the presence of the Synod members. After the inauguration, the new president, parliament speaker, prime minister and archbishop signed a protocol on the inauguration of the new head of state. The powers of the President of Greece are mainly limited to representative functions, she is not endowed with executive power. The prime power belongs to the Prime Minister. The president represents the country in the international arena, signs the treaties, appoints the prime minister, receives diplomatic representatives.

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